What if you could outgrow competition by elevating your employee engagement?

In the ever-changing world of service-intensive organizations, it’s critical that your technology supports productivity. Creating a sense of purpose and responsibility among staff is the #1 driver of their discretionary effort and engaged workers elevate their organization’s performance. Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement grow revenue 2.5x faster than companies in the bottom quartile. And yet studies consistently show that fewer 30% of workers are engaged.

How will you ensure your people are dedicated to your organization’s mission? The opportunity for career development is the most effective way to boost their engagement. PowerPlus provides innovative tools to maximize your people’s engagement. Use self-directed career-pathing where your people can find out about their next career step themselves. But also target your communication precisely for upcoming change, be it organizational, procedural or any other type.

Choose PowerPlus to meet the core needs of each of your individual employees and elevate your organization to new heights.

Workforce Administration

PowerPlus HRIS helps you to manage all employee-related information such as updates to employee job records, position data, employee personal information and working information. PowerPlus also works collaboratively with others related business processes, adherence to personnel rules, regulations, policies and providing operational guidance to Human Resources staff in various departments.


One of the core function in PowerPlus HRIS is to determine compensation, benefits and rewards. A well-structured program with a good balance of wages, will support an organization to remain competitive in today’s market and ensure sustainability in the future. PowerPlus simplify your complex process to define all salary components including tax based on government regulation and social & health insurance (BPJS). Generate salary slips in soft copy and immediately transfer employee salaries via internet banking.

Connect with all your attendance device and retrive data automatically

Automatically calculate compensation such as overtime, shift allowance and attendance, including deduction of tax, loan and insurance during payroll process

Flexibility to modify according to government tax regulation such as Pph-21

Paperless through Employee Self Service (ESS) portal access and definitely support all electronic form & report through e-mail.

People Development

PowerPlus has designed to gives you a fast, visual overview to develop your qualified talent to contribute with the best effort to achieve corporate goals.

  • Smart tools and intuitive UI give you a comprehensive overview.
  • Mapping the human assets value / HAV
  • Succession planning

HR Self-Service

Employee Self Service (ESS), web-based Human Resource information system. Employees can login to ESS Portal to complete timesheets, update personal information, view pay slips, leave balances and much more! The Payroll & HR Systems knowledgebase houses information, tutorials and documents to assist in completing transactions within ESS. Supervisors and/or Managers utilize the system to validate and approve or reject request from subordinate.

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