Workforce Administration

Workforce Administration

PowerPlus HRIS helps you to manage all employee-related information such as updates to employee job records, position data, employee personal information and working information. PowerPlus also works collaboratively with others related business processes, adherence to personnel rules, regulations, policies and providing operational guidance to Human Resources staff in various departments.


PowerPlus HRIS gives you a full control of managing recruitment headcount for company, starting with Man Power Planning / MPP, process selection candidate until appointing candidate as employee.

  • Manage all applicant data
  • Flexible create and manage man power planning
  • Covering the entire recruitment selection hire activities from requisition until hiring
  • Automatically transfer to employee personnel data and generate employee number
  • Man power requisition from department and related to man power planning fulfillment

Recruitment management report such as:

  • Recruitment Monthly & Yearly Recapitulation
  • Requisition Progress Recapitulation
  • Man Power Planning Progress Recapitulation

Centre of all employee data including employment, organization, leave, assets, personal, education, family, working experience, medical & health matter, career plan, violation, and attach employee document. The main function of this module are listed below:

  • Design organization including job levels, job title, grade and related to manage user access right.
  • Capturing all employee designation history (transfer, promotion, demotion, status change).
  • Print out employee PAF (personnel action form) and related information.
  • Print out employee letter (salary adjustment, promotion, contract to permanent, completed probation to permanent, termination, contract KKWT1&2, contract KKWTT, pension).
  • Export into excel from all master employee data.
  • Including expatriate, daily worker, trainee and outsource employee.

Define the systematical organization code based on organization level automatically

Build the organization structure with “Parent and Child” method
View the organization structure in chart or tree without any limitations of width and depth dimension

Improve aspect of the organization, better retain employees, and reduce turnover by using exit interview feature

Manage and make note of termination duty which employee must return with clearance sheet
Calculate severance pay as the compensations for the employee whose job has been eliminated

HR reports such as:

  • List employee
  • Total employee
  • Headcount movement
  • Turn over
  • Length of service

System reminder notice:

  • Contract extending
  • Probation period
  • Employee ID expired date
  • Pension Age
  • Expatriate document expired date

PowerPlus embedded with flexible workflow framework with various combination from one level approval to multi level approvals. All status of business process will be displayed as a notification or e-mail reminder. Employee could be able track their workflow request using Employee Self-Service.


PowerPlus understand that every company has regulation realted to employee leave, in order to cope with that requirement PowerPlus could generate unlimited various type of leave.

  • Flexibility to create and maintain type of leave such as annual leave, long leave, special leave, unpaid leave.
  • Accommodate any unique leave policies such entitle leave, expired leave, extend leave and related to employee grade or length of service.
  • Accommodate any day compensation such as day on lieu, extra off, pending day off.

Create template for leave

Get the information of your leave balance

Leave management report such as:

  • Current Employee Leave Balance
  • Department leave balance recapitulation
  • Employee Leave Detail
  • Day Compensation Balance