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Absen dikarenakan sakit bisa menjadi beban besar bagi organisasi. Dengan menggunakan Absen Manager PowerPlus dapat membuat Pelayanan kesehatan karyawan, Atasan, Perusahaan Asuransi untuk mendapatkan visibilitas dan pengertian tentang absen yang karyawan butuhkan untuk mencapai kontrol yang ketat dan manajemen yang efisien untuk cuti sakit.

  • Cara yang mudah digunakan untuk mencatat ketidakhadiran terkait dengan penyakit.
  • Solusi cloud untuk menghadirkan akses global 24×7.
  • Pemantauan proaktif terhadap undang-undang dan peraturan yang relevan.
  • Pertukaran informasi secara otomatis dengan pihak ketiga.
  • Pusat komunikasi tunggal yang efektif untuk semua yang terlibat.
  • Informasi manajemen yang komprehensif.
  • Mudah diintegrasikan dengan HR, payroll atau aplikasi keuangan lainnya.
Solusi yang Terbaik

Manajer absensi PowerPlus telah membantu lebih dari 200.000 pengguna untuk secara aktif mengkoordinasikan dan mengendalikan absen terkait penyakit selama lebih dari 2 juta karyawan. Menyampaikan satu paket lengkap dengan Absence Manager, semua pihak yang terlibat dalam proses ini berbagi satu solusi end-to-end untuk dukungan dan informasi yang dibutuhkan:

  • Pembaruan pada undang-undang ketenagakerjaan yang relevan.
  • Lansiran proaktif untuk tugas dan tindakan yang harus dilakukan.
  • Berbagi informasi otomatis
  • Informasi manajemen terperinci.
  • Aplikasi mobile untuk bekerja lebih cerdas dan efisien.
  • Dirancang untuk Anda, yang dikembangkan bersama Anda Absence Manager bukan hanya solusi cerdas yang lebih intuitif untuk kebutuhan hari ini, namun juga terus berkembang untuk tantangan masa depan. Berkat program pengembangan berkelanjutan dan keterlibatan aktif kami dengan pelanggan, untuk mengumpulkan dan mewujudkan ide baru yang hebat, Anda dapat mengandalkan kami untuk terus memberikan inovasi yang Anda butuhkan untuk sukses.
  • Melindungi privasi dan keamanan Mengelola dengan tepat atas informasi pribadi karyawan yang sensitif adalah hal terpenting. Pengelola Absensi mencakup banyak prosedur dan lapisan perlindungan untuk memastikan hal ini, termasuk validasi kata sandi yang ketat, pemisahan data medis dari data biasa sehingga hanya dapat diakses oleh pengguna medis yang berwenang dan validasi istilah medis.

What if you could outgrow competition by elevating your employee engagement?

In the ever-changing world of service-intensive organizations, it’s critical that your technology supports productivity. Creating a sense of purpose and responsibility among staff is the #1 driver of their discretionary effort and engaged workers elevate their organization’s performance. Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement grow revenue 2.5x faster than companies in the bottom quartile. And yet studies consistently show that fewer 30% of workers are engaged.

How will you ensure your people are dedicated to your organization’s mission? The opportunity for career development is the most effective way to boost their engagement. PowerPlus provides innovative tools to maximize your people’s engagement. Use self-directed career-pathing where your people can find out about their next career step themselves. But also target your communication precisely for upcoming change, be it organizational, procedural or any other type.

Choose PowerPlus to meet the core needs of each of your individual employees and elevate your organization to new heights.

Workforce Management

PowerPlus HRIS helps you manage all employee-related information. It serves as a complete toolkit that enables you to mobilize your workforce, manage award and violation, and administer all employee movements, such as promotions, transfers, demotions, etc. It goes beyond basic integration to give you the capability to easily maintain and utilize all aspects of your employee information.


Free your HR staff from time-consuming administrative tasks and benefit from our proven payroll solutions that simplify your complex processes and securely handle your confidential data. Flexibly define all salary components including allowance, overtime, pph-21, BPJS, Jamsostek, and claims. Generate salary slips in hard/soft copy and quickly transfer salaries via e-banking.

Automatically retrieve attendance record from your attendance device

Overtime, shift allowance and attendance payment is automatically calculated during payroll

Significantly reduce payroll lead time and increase accuracy

Go paperless either e-mail them or allow employee access through Employee Self Service (ESS) portal

People Development

Strategically and coherently develop your qualified talents to contribute to the corporate goals with the help of Pro-Int HRIS integrated talent management suite. + Analyze performance and remunerate accordingly + Recognize your key positions and shape the right talent + Initiate impactful training and development program

HR Self Service

Provide your employee with easy access to HR functions such as leave application, personal data update, claim submission, online approval, and much more. HR Self Service will greatly help your organization to streamline processes and reduce process time.

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As opposed to credit cards’ variable rates – our loans have a fixed interest rate. This means on funding day 1 you’ll know your exact monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan!
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As opposed to credit cards’ variable rates – our loans have a fixed interest rate. This means on funding day 1 you’ll know your exact monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan!
What does "underwriting" means?
As opposed to credit cards’ variable rates – our loans have a fixed interest rate. This means on funding day 1 you’ll know your exact monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan!

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