People Development

People Development

PowerPlus has designed to gives you a fast, visual overview to develop your qualified talent to contribute with the best effort to achieve corporate goals.

  • Smart tools and intuitive UI give you a comprehensive overview.
  • Mapping the human assets value / HAV
  • Succession planning


Organizations use competencies to increase employee skills and improve performance level. Competency Management has become a complex and time-consuming function but it is essential for your company to achieve its goals. Making sure that your employees have the proper skills and competencies to perform in their duties is vital in realizing business strategy and building endurance.

Competency Gap Analysis

Mapping employee skills with position to another employee

Area Development

Reduces search time and optimizes search result for employees possessing the desired competencies and criteria


Great strategic Human Resources always begin with leadership development. Continuous improvement and professional development for leaders must be top of your agenda as it will be you or your leaders who shape and hone the strategic direction. Starting off with a good 360° feedback intervention can really get to the crux of the matter. Good people leadership is key to being real and informed with workforce planning which actually informs good decisions and helps move the organisation or business forward.

Determine employee and departmental Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Determine Balance Score Card Perspective

Configure employee performance appraisal process to gain the result

Capture employee performance appraisal history

Summary Human Asset Value

Related result performance appraisal with other module such as salary increase, promotion.

Performance Management Report


The Training Module benefits the HR department by enhancing efficiency with easy to use, accurate planning and selection for employee training. Improved analysis of training needs for employees combined with advanced analysis of training effectiveness allows increased focus on the most beneficial training and best use of limited budgets. Ultimately investing in the best training and ensuring the right employees attend that training results in more qualified and engaged employees.

Flexible create and define training title

Design employee training matrix and functional training including job levels, job title

Covering all training activities including annual training plan, departmental training plan, realization training until evaluate the training quality

Capture employee training history, employee training hour and average departmental training hour