7 Characteristics of Productive Talent

7 Characteristics of Productive Talent

People who are productive are those who certainly work hard and smart. But not only that, some of them have different qualities than others. That quality is what makes a tremendous impact on their performance. Here are the characteristics of them, quoted from Inc.com. Check if you’re one of them:


They carry out the work despite being rejected and ridiculed

Not having to work too hard will make us different from others. Fun and following what others want is something that productive people do not worry about. Even if that’s not what they approve of.

They are trained to listen to criticism, bear laughter and even eucharistic hostility. But they are the ones who measure by their best self-esteem. And mostly in the process, they achieve the goal they want to achieve.


They see fear like lunch

Productive people do not get out of fear. In fact there are some cases where they are very clever to hide anxiety while acting on stage. This is the difference, they do not highlight the ‘vibrating’ side of the audience, but wrapped it with a well-prepared preparation. They have their own way of dealing with it.

According to Jeff Haden before the action, they usually bathe earlier, wear interesting clothes and drink water to avoid nervousness. They are afraid, but they admit that fear is part of the process. How can they position fear like a lunch, that means it will happen

So productive people are no more brave than others, they only manage to find the power to keep moving forward. They realize crippling fear for a while will create  believes and high confidence.

They can still do their best on their worst day

The great thing about successful people is that they do not make excuses. They keep going because they know that everything takes time and effort. They sharpen good habits rather than bad with best effort.

Norman Mailer says “a true writer is those who can do a job on a bad day.”



They see creativity as a result of effort not inspiration

Most people wait for an idea, thinking that creativity will happen by itself. Hope that the inspiration will show us a new concept or way. Indeed the phrase “big idea will come” it has a point. But creativity is the result of effort. Brilliant discovery is the result of struggle, hard work and experimentation. The work is inspiring.,Productive people do not wait for an idea, they know that big ideas will come to people who work hard, not people who dream.


They consider asking for help not a weakness

When we get lost, do we pretend to know or ask for help ?. Of course we do not know everything. Nothing great in anything.

Although they have advantages, but productive people do not hesitate to ask for help if they are less aware of a thing. Asking for help is a sign of strength and key to achieving more than we want.


They start

Delaying a difficult task is normal. Avoiding challenges is also natural. Sometimes humans experience decreased motivation and self-discipline. It is impossible to overcome all our deficiencies. But believe me, putting off work is not an effective solution.

If we forget the delay, and immediately begin to work, in the end we will think that the work is not as heavy as imagined. That’s what producers do. They do not think about the pain at the beginning, they focus on how well they can work and get involved. They started and did not stop.

They finish

There’s no reason for them to stop before it’s over. Unless there is a reason that really troubles them. And of course, that hardly ever happens.


Source: https://tinyurl.com/y8g24nqk

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