9 High Performance Team Characteristics

9 High Performance Team Characteristics

Did you know that one of the things investors look for is an all-star team. But what exactly is an all-star team? All-star team as well as HPTs or high-performance teams. HPTs are either a group or organization that is heavily focused on their goals and capable of delivering superior results. That sounds great is not it?

Before you put your team into a high-performance team, it’s good to know the characteristics of the high-performance team itself. There are (9) nine characteristics that build high-performance team that is:

  • Talent Magnet

To create a strong team, of course you have to form a team that others want. Examples like what Google does. Google recruits its employees based on passion, intelligence and those who are able to learn the mindset of animals. Their goal is none other than to seek out those who love challenges and can demonstrate their abilities.

  • Healthy Heated Debates

The debate does not make HPTs split. Precisely the debate will make them stronger and fused. Based on Gallup published articles, each HPT team member contributes the same portion of the discussion. It is the duty of a leader to ensure that everyone expresses his opinion and earns a portion.

  • Diversity

Did you know that the differences that occur in the team that makes every person engage. Make sure that the team to be formed has people who are different in terms of age, gender, even race.

  • Mind Reading

Not that you have to hire fortune-tellers to join the team. Look for those who can manage their emotions. Based on the results of research conducted by researchers M.I.T., it is known that those who have high EQ score more easily work together and work more effectively.

  • More Women

Adding portions of female members was enough to build HPTs. This is because women are able to read other people’s thoughts better than men.

  • Laser-like Focus on Goals

Make sure the goals you want to achieve are clear and well known to all team members. LinkedIn, Google and Intel use the Objective and Key Results method to measure the achievement of their goals.

  • Doing Your Best Every Day

Convince yourself, and your team members, of course, that they do their best every day. Leaders must help members to find the merits of each of their members and assign tasks to their merits.

  • Work-life Balance

Most successful teams have team members who are able to align their careers and personal lives. Look for those who are committed to their work and able to spend time with their closest people.

  • Group Engagement Outside Formal Meetings

The best productivity predictor by M.I.T. Human Dynamics Laboratory is a strength and engagement beyond formal meetings. A leader must ensure that members maintain a good relationship beyond their relationships within the team

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