Global Recruiting Trends 2018: LinkedIn Report

Global Recruiting Trends 2018: LinkedIn Report

LinkedIn has launched the ‘Global Recruiting Trends 2018’ report which talks about the changing nature of recruiting because of the emergence of technologies like AI. Technologies like AI, automation, and cognitive intelligence, are helping in erasing the transactional aspect of recruiting and letting HR professionals involved in the process create meaningful relationships with the candidates.

And the top trends which are shaping the recruitment space are as follows:

  • Diversity: For 78% of the companies, diversity is extremely important. While for the 53% of the companies, it has already been adopted.
  • New interviewing tools: Video interviews especially are being adopted by companies globally. While 56% of the companies think of the newer interviewing tools, including video interviews, as being extremely important, 18% of them have already adopted it.
  • Data: For 50% of the companies, the data is extremely important, and 18% of the companies have already adopted ways to utilize it.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The report states that though this is particular trend is the mildest of all, but it could be the boldest disruptor of all. Around 8% of the companies have already adopted it, and for 35% of the companies, it is something extremely serious.

The report goes on to state that diversity in the workplace cannot be created if the organization does not focus on ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Belonging’. Around 52% of the companies are focusing on inclusion, and 57% are focusing on belonging.

What is even more interesting is that more and more companies are focusing on diversity, not just for ticking a box any longer, but towards ensuring better financial performance, to improve the culture, and to better understand and represent the customer. For 78% the reason is culture. For 62% it is to improve company performance, and for 49% it is to better represent customers.


Concentration of efforts within diversity

Even within diversity, as organizations have matured, the focus is fast shifting to gender and race. For 71% of the companies, their efforts in diversity are concentrated on gender, and for 49% of the companies, the efforts are focused on race and ethnicity. There is also a focus on age/generational representation with over 48% of the companies focusing on it. The remaining areas being: educational (43%), disability (32%), religious (19%), and others (6%).


Barriers to improving diversity

38% of the organizations feel that finding candidates from diverse background is a challenge, while 27% feel that retaining them is one. For 14% of the companies, there is a challenge of ensuring that they have candidates belonging to diverse backgrounds past the interviewing stage. Surprisingly, 8% of the companies feel that there is a challenge when it comes to getting the diverse candidates to accept the offer. While for the remaining 14%, there are other challenges apart from them.


Ensuring diversity in the organization as a practice

Interestingly, the report has also analyzed how companies are actually ensuring diversity in the companies through various practices. The focus, as previously mentioned, is also on belonging and inclusion.

66% are doing so by fostering an environment that respects differing opinions, while 51% are doing so by encouraging people to be themselves at work. Most importantly, 47% of the organizations want leaders to acknowledge the importance of diversity. For 45% the efforts are concentrated primarily in ensuring that diversity is embedded in company mission and values, while for 44%, the emphasis is on ensuring the creation of a diverse leadership team.


Employer branding and communicating the message of diversity to candidates

For many organizations, it is becoming increasingly important that they showcase their diversity efforts to the employees.  For 52% of the organizations, showcasing employees from diverse backgrounds in web and print materials is important, for 35% of them it presently diversity through interview panels. Interestingly, 30% of the organizations talk about employee resource groups, and for 28% the effort lies in recruiting from diverse schools.


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