How Important is Design Thinking in HR?

How Important is Design Thinking in HR?

Any creative approach to solving a problem that leads to innovative solutions is called as design thinking. As human resources are rapidly developing and trying to adapt new ways to improvise workforce, design thinking can be very helpful in figuring out this. Recruiting and hiring strategies to improve by design thinking.

Design thinking was initially used in product designing companies only. However, due to technological advances and rapid changes in every field it has become of utmost importance to use design thinking in HR to be at the top.

These are some of the aspects of design thinking and give a different and simplified path to revamp the HR processes to suit the changing workforce dynamics:

  • Human-centric designs

The market today offers enormous opportunity and potential candidates to choose from and pursue as per one’s desire. Gone are the days when an institution would decide as per their convenience and needs. Today, we are driven by labor market where an employee’s needs, requirements, and comfort are taken into consideration. Any organization that understands what a candidate is looking for has a winning hand compared to their competitors.

  • Collaborative design

It is essential to understand that future candidates and current employees are equally important part of your organization’s infrastructure. A higher number of satisfied employees ensure better reputation in the market. On your website, if you have your CEO say good things about the work environment, it might not be as effective as a video uploaded by your employees who talk about their experiences and the reasons that have motivated them to work hard to grow and stick around for long.

Get your marketing team to help you attract best resources for your brand, which will help you grow in the right directions.

  • Creative problem solving

Creativity is the need of the hour rather than an option nowadays. There are so many new methods that have been introduced for talent acquisition like Recruitment Marketing, Inbound Recruiting, Social Media Recruiting, Candidate Relationship Management and Data-driven Recruiting. HR has gone through a tremendous transformation from what the recruiting process was five years back to how talent acquisition is now.

Technology has helped raise the bar to next level. However, it has created many obstacles as well. Recruits and candidates are more connected and aware of an organization’s culture due to social and technological advances. Hence, it is crucial creating best candidate experience, branding strategies and implementing the latest HR technology to attract suitable people for the designated jobs.

  • Prototyping

With fast progressing world change is bound to happen, and if one cannot adapt to the changes, we might get extinct.HR being the core functioning system of any organization it is necessary to modify as per requirement and be a step ahead to optimize opportunities. Experiment with internal recruitment policies. Use different career site control, videos, employee testimonials, employee career stories and team blogs to attract employees and recruits. Try and keep application forms short and keep the selection process shorter rather than making it tedious. Mix and match different types of questions in an interview that help you understand people’s character, knowledge, and experience.


  • Testing

It’s tough for an idea to be successful or give you excellent results right away. Hence, it is essential to test all plans to see which provides you with maximum output in minimum cost and effort. In HR one always has to try different strategies which keep employees satisfied providing quality work and forming a stable structure. Once the idea is tested and applicable, you can measure time, cost and quality of your organization as well as employees.

HR would soon be design integrated with high-value experience, rather than designing programmes to engage and inspire employees. As per companies like Airbnb and Pixar are one of the examples which show the difference caused by design thinking.

Airbnb has changed Chief HR Officer’s function as Chief Employee Experience Officer function, understanding that experience is the essence of any workplace.

At Pixar, The Employees Experience Manager provides outreach, consultation, and support to all, which offers a lot of face time and conversation with managers which helps to understand the difficulties faced by employees and the expectations of the management are put forward on the table.



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