Kick-off Meeting PT. Lensa Esa Internasional & PT. Timerindo Perkasa International

Kick-off Meeting PT. Lensa Esa Internasional & PT. Timerindo Perkasa International

Kick-off Meeting between PT. Lensa Esa Internasional and PT. Timerindo Perkasa International was held on October 9th, 2018 at Menara Sudirman, Jakarta. Since 2000, PT. Lensa Esa Internasional has succeeded in achieving maximum target in customer satisfaction, aftersales service and got many case studies where its clients can make the performance of Human Resource section more efficient and effective since using PowerPlus™ software which has been developed by PT. Lensa Esa Internasional. PT. Timerindo Perkasa International chose PT. Lensa Esa Internasional as partners and vendors in improving the quality and progress of Human Resource Management.

At this Kick-off Meeting, PT. Lensa Esa Internasional shares experiences in the successful development and implementation of the Human Resource Management System PowerPlus™ to previous customers. In addition, as a form of professionalism PT. Lensa Esa Internasional team also held a technical update session that discusses the details of the project, starting from project scope, project organization, and project shedule. They are so excited to start running PowerPlus™ applications in their companies.

A leading brand builder and retailer organization, PT. Timerindo Perkasa International (Time International) prides itself on its commitment to the promotion and appreciation of horological culture, luxury fashion, and lifestyle. Founded in the 1960s and currently managed by its second generation, Time International manages and operates both multi-brand retail stores – including leading watch retailer The Time Place, INTime, Urban Icon, and @Time – as well as mono-brand boutiques for several of the world’s most renowned brands, among them Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Fendi, Fossil, Tory Burch, Chopard, Berluti, DIESEL, Innisfree, Laneige, Valentino and REDValentino, and most recently, Breitling.

Renowned as an inspiring place to work in, the company enhances the well-being of its employees and nurtures the talents behind the business while also upholding its history of excellent service. With its unparalleled position in the market, Time International is also committed to giving back to society. The company is dedicated to keeping is long-held high standards of quality Marketing Expertise and Customer Relations.

Time International has the largest service centres in Jakarta, Time Care and Watch Care, complete with state-of-art technology providing professional after-sales care for all brands sold from the retail outlets.