Boost Employee Development by Building Learning Organization

Boost Employee Development by Building Learning Organization

All companies dream of achieving success that last as long as possible. Not only survive but also growing. Of course it takes a little effort from all elements of the organization to make it happen.

We are aware that HR is one of the important assets and the successful management of human resources comprehensively becomes a good start for the smooth implementation of the work program and the achievement of organizational goals. One step in managing human resources is investment in human resources health of the company. Not only allocate budget for treatment when employees are sick, or subsidized health insurance, but also build a healthy mental model in employees to keep on improving the quality of individual and collective self. One way is to build a learning organization within the company.

Like a new home that must be treated every day so that from year to year the price increases significantly, employees also deserve a “treatment” that can increase its value as an individual and of course as an employee. Moreover, the changes are increasingly fast, so the company would want to have employees who are responsive and able to follow him.

In the mid-90s, Microsoft almost fell to the point of being late in realizing the importance of internet technology. At the beginning of the birth of the internet, almost everyone is browsing the internet with Netscape software that is not made by Microsoft and make this technology giant company like out. Luckily, Microsoft officials soon realized the situation and that second they also do internal consolidation to make software competitors Netscape. A few years later, we may know more and more often surf the internet using Microsoft Explorer.

From the case of Microsoft we learn, without a fast learning process could be Microsoft has been crushed by the changes. Luckily, they have a solid learning infrastructure and learning culture, so it can act quickly and think quickly to respond to business changes that exist. In this case, it can be said that Microsoft has applied the principle of learning organization. Then how to start the formation of a formidable learning organization? Follow these three simple steps:

First: Knowledge Sharing Session. Informal sharing of informal sessions effectively fosters the desire to learn new things and information flowing diverse and far more, and stimulates personal creativity in teams. Based on Hilmi Aulawi research, et al (2009), knowledge sharing activities with colleagues in the company proved able to accelerate the increase of individual knowledge and increasingly support them to produce new products / processes that benefit the company.

Second: Build infrastructure or create the right mechanism. Building a learning climate must be followed by creating mechanisms or infrastructures to accommodate an integrated learning process among employees. Media e-mail, social networking, or corporate portal is a means to share knowledge that its implementation can be arranged by working group. With the implementation time of once a week, each employee gets a sharing turn with the theme adjusted to the direction of company policy. As a result, we get many useful ideas to make breakthroughs for the company.

Third: Commitment to diligently run. Equally important is that all parties must be committed and responsible for carrying out this employee development strategy. Starting from the board of directors, managerial level, to the support level. The goal for the learning climate is formed and become the habit of employees.

The process of building a learning organization does not happen overnight. It takes persistence to manage a wide range of knowledge spread among all employees by aligning the direction of company strategy. In time he stands firmly, then it becomes the best place to build a superior man who will bring our company skyrocketing.

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